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Corporate Health

Creating a mentally healthy and productive workplace should be taken seriously.

A happy and healthy workplace is conducive to higher productivity, morale and reduced turnover.

The cost of absenteeism in Australia is estimated at $7 billion.

The cost of presenteeism (not fully functioning at work because of medical conditions/ employees walking around switched off) is almost 4x more, at a cost of $26 billion (2005-06).

33% of working Australians between 25-64 years of age, reported having AT LEAST one of the following eight diseases

(2004-05 National Health Survey)

More than a quarter of Australian employee have left their work environment due to it being too stressful.

3.2 days per worker per year (2010) are lost due to workplace stress.

This equates to a loss of $6.5 billion each year for Australian businesses.

Workplace compensation claims for work-stress related issues cost insurers $10 billion each year.

Verve will devise effective programs to combat this major headache for businesses (and their employees).