Chiropractic & Performance Centre

The ability to improve the performance of each and every individual to achieve their own goals through innovative technologies and outstanding service is vital.



At Verve we provide our clients with the building blocks in understanding what good nutrition is, and how to achieve it.

We undertake a comprehensive initial assessment of our client’s needs and health goals. This is followed with a nutrition management plan that is developed by a nutritionist with you to ensure it fits in with your lifestyle and daily routine. All consultations are done externally over Skype, so the client can do their consults from the comfort of their own home or workplace.

Also included is support and regular periodic check ups (Skype) to ensure you are on the right track to achieving your goals.

Weight Management

Depending on what you’re health goals are, nutrition plans will be developed to achieve your desired healthy weight in a gradual and safe method. At Verve , we don’t encourage “dieting” or “fads”. Rather, we work with our patients and give them the “tools” to manage what they eat, how much and when. Our nutritionists will also monitor and discuss how you are managing and coping during your scheduled check ups.

InBody Scans (Body Composition Scans)

Our nutritionists have access to the high tech InBody body composition scans which give accurate readings into markers such as body fat, visceral fat and muscle mass (amongst other measures) These will be conducted onsite at Verve.

Health and Performance

Achieving health through good nutrition is just as vital as weight management. Poor nutrition often leads to lower immunity making you more susceptible to illness, diseases etc. It can also have an immense impact on your energy levels, which will affect your productivity levels and ability to perform.

Competition Preparation

Whether you’re looking to compete in a bikini fitness, cross fit or tri athalon competition, our nutritionist will compile the most appropriate plan to optimize your performance for the big day.

If your goal is to achieve a healthier and more energised you, then our nutritionists will work with you to develop a management plan to help you achieve your goal to better health.